Mulching is really nature’s idea, as large quantities of mulch are produced by falling leaves and organic matter all the time with fallen leaves, needles, twigs, pieces of bark, spent flower blossoms, fallen fruit and other organic materials. It prevents the loss of water from the soil by evaporation, reduces the growth of weeds, keeps the soil cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, thus maintaining a more even soil temperature.

Benefits of using mulch in your outdoor area

  • Mulching is a great way to maintain healthy beds in your outdoor area.
  • Mulch prevents soil splashing, which not only stops erosion but keeps soil-borne diseases from splashing up onto the plants.
  • It also stops crusting of the soil surface, thus improving the absorption and movement of water into the soil.
  • Mulched plants have more roots than plants that are not mulched, because mulched plants will produce additional roots in the mulch that surrounds them.
  • Mulch enhances the beauty of the landscape by providing a cover of uniform colour and interesting texture to the surface.

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