Can you blow a variety of barks and mulches ?

Yes, we can blow numerous types of barks and mulches.

Can you pump materials into high rise units ?

Yes, please call us to confirm heights.

Do I need to do anything to prepare for bark ?

You may want to have a pre-emergent put down (weed killer), weed the beds and clean up the edges, if necessary, or you can have our company provide these services as well.

Does the bark have to be screened ?

Yes it does.

How deep should I apply mulch ?

The amount of mulch to apply depends on the texture and density of the mulch material. Many wood and bark mulches are composed of fine particles and should not be more than 75 to 100mm deep. Excessive amounts of these fine-textured mulches can suffocate plant roots, resulting in yellowing of the leaves and poor growth. Coarse-textured mulches such as pine bark nuggets allow good air movement through them and can be as deep as 100mm.

How far will your hose reach ?

Our hoses can reach up to 90 meters depending on the material and slope of land.

How long does bark last ?

Depending on the size and how much you initially put down, bark can last 2-3 years (based on a 100mm application). The bottom layer will deteriorate first and become a soil amendment. In some cases, customers refresh yearly to regain the 1 inch rot down of the previous year and because they like the look and smell of fresh bark.

Is there a minimum amount ?

No, there is no minimum amount.

What is the maximum size bark/mulch that can be blown ?

Screened materials up to 25mm.

When should I mulch ?

Mulch can be applied any time of the year.

Will blowing the bark hurt my plants ?

No, we are careful not to blow directly onto the more delicate plants.